Corporate Chair Massage


Tension Tamers has been offering corporate chair massage in and around Amsterdam since 2005. We are experienced in giving hands-on, on-site care for typical office complaints, such as neck, back and shoulder pain.

Corporate chair massage is better than a coffee break. Regular sessions help reduce stress, prevent repetitive strain injuries, increase productivity and focus.  It’s instant stress relief in the workplace!


How it works

Clients are seated on a specially designed, upholstered chair and receive a Shiatsu or pressure point massage through their clothing. The massage takes roughly 20 minutes and targets typical neck, back and shoulder-related issues. Specific complaints can also be addressed.

The massage therapist works on muscles, tendons and energy lines and uses friction techniques to open up the body. This helps clients feel a sense of well-being, as well as releasing physical tension and pain. As you become physically relaxed, you become more mentally alert.



·       It’s fast: just show up in your normal clothes.

·       No oil is used, so there’s no sticky business!

·       Convenient: you remain sitting, rather than lying down.

·       Short massages are effective and financially appealing to companies.

·       Within 20 minutes, you can get back to work feeling re-energised.


We handle all personal information professionally and with discretion.  

Use our online booking system to prevent scheduling issues and save time.


Fiscal advantages

Chair massage is deductible by Dutch tax law. Both VAT and costs can be deducted at the year’s end by complying with certain rules. Read more.

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How have others experienced us?

The massages of Brian Castro, our massage therapist from Tension Tamers contributes to the well being of our staff at Abbvie Logistics B.V. Whether it’s about relaxation or reducing physical complaints like tension in neck and shoulders. Brian is the man to go to!
— Azucena Verhoeven, HR Business Partner, AbbVie Logistics B.V.
With Tension Tamers everything runs smooth. All is well arranged and the massages are absolutely delightful and very relaxing. A true gift to all our staff.
— Froukje Nollen, Executive Assistant, International Finance Operations, Abbott B.V

IDEXX and Tenson Tamers are working together for years. They are our preferred supplier for massage as they provide our employees a super relaxing chair massage. The cooperation is always professional and reliable. The masseurs provide quality and personal service to our employees.
— Erwin van Drongelen, Human Resource Adviser, IDEXX Europe B.V.
Tension Tamers and our Human Resource Development bureau Carrièrepoort collaborate intensively since 2009. Michiel and the other masseurs feel exactly what their customers needs, therefore they play an important role in our vitality programs. The result: energetic employees and satisfied employers!
— Johan Eekma, Founder of Carrierepoort

We often try new things when it comes to health and fitness of our employees. One of them is chair massage at work by Michiel and his team. It is one of the most anticipated benefits we arrange for our staff and you see everyone walking around with a content smile. I am convinced this benefit is very productive and I can highly recommend it.
— Emile Kuenen – Director and founder of Joolz
For quite a while now, we have been using the services of Tension Tamer to our fullest satisfaction. A great moment of relaxation during a busy working day that allows you to find that moment of peace to continue working again. We have had different therapist coming to our company and all are very professional, no petting but just good solid massages that give you the feeling something has happened in your body.
— Anne Swart – S.V.T. Branding + Design Group

‘Very professional in our corporate atmosphere, personal and down to earth. Everyone is looking forward to Hanna visiting our office!
— Sven Kleijn, Manager Operations, Vibe Group