Book a discounted massage with Francis Schwegman

Discounts with Francis are only available until the end of March. Discounts will not show upon booking. Francis will give you the discount upon payment in the studio. 



4 HANDS Reikimassage - with Malou & Francis

In this session Malou and Francis will join hands and hearts for you to be touched and soothed on deep levels.

Through bodywork Francis will invite you to journey out of your mind and drop into your body, grounding and resleasing.

At the same time, Malou will take care of the energy healing through Reiki, which works on the more subtle levels of the energy body.

Together they offer you the opportunity to go into a soothing and healing journey within yourself, giving the opportunity for reconnection with your inner light, and release and relaxation on deep levels

Available on Monday 2 and Wednesday 4 April 8.30/13.00

Warm welcome


Malou & Francis