After summer special!

4-Hands Holistic Touch with Malou & Francis

Bringing their gifts together they manifest a holistic 4 hands journey through all senses. Grounding and releasing bodywork combined with subtle flows of energhealing, aromatherapy, soundhealing, crystalhealing and oraclecards. Each session is unique and will present what is needed in the moment.

About Francis: Francis practices different styles of bodywork. A session with her can be a holistic journey through all layers of your being – body, mind and soul - by flowing movements, firm touch, balinese and thai massage influences, essential oils, sounds from voice, tibetan bowls, koshi bells and more. Her hands dance intuitively over your body intuned with what you need in this moment

About Malou: Malou practices energy healing with intuitive touch. She’s able to feel into and work on mind, body and soul in a pure and soft way. Also her hands know where they need to go, aiding the flow of life energy running through your body, enabling tension and/or blockages to release. Messages, oracle cards, sounds from her voice or harp (can) come through to support the process and effect of the treatment.

Available from 2-29th of September on Monday mornings, Wednesday mornings and Sunday evenings

Warm welcome, Malou & Francis