Tension Tamers House Rules:

Tension Tamers likes you to follow our house rules in order to offer een smooth and professional service to our customers.

Upon booking a massage you automatically agree with our house rules.


Booking a massage:

As we work with different massage therapists we use an online booking system. Via this system you can make a reservation and you will receive a confirmation of you booking with all the important details.

Please add this to your agenda so the chances of forgetting your appointment are minimised.


Report at the reception:

Tension Tamers is based within ‘De Nieuwe Yoga School’ with whom we work together. This ensures a very nice welcoming in which you tell the reception staff you are there for a massage appointment. You can take place in the living room and wait to be picked up.


Treatment according to your booking:

Make sure you are on time so you can enjoy the full length of your treatment. In case of running late it could be that we need to shorten the time of the treatment but will charge you the full price of your booking.


Cancellation of your appointment:

Cancellations are free of charge up to 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Within 24 hours 100% of the price will be charged.


Note: In case of emergency or circumstances beyond your control, the appointment can be pushed forward in accordance with the massage therapist. We hope this can be done in all honousty.



Upon arriving at your first appointment a short intake will be done. All information will be private and not shared with others.



In case of contra-indications or when in doubt, the therapist can decide not to give a massage.

Think of the following incidations that are important to know:

  • Are you under treatment with a doctor or therapist and/or do you use any medicine? It is adviced to ask whether it is advisable to take a massage or not before making an appointment with us.

  • Indicate if you are having any problems that we need to focus on or take into consideration when giving a massage.

  • In case of flu or high fever we do not give massages.

  • In case of pregnancy in the first 3 months it is important for us to know and we only give massages after having discussed it with you.


Certified massage therapists:

Tension Tamers is a professional massage studio and works with highly skilled and qualified therapists. We make sure we follow courses in the styles we offer every year to ensure the quality stays high.


No extra’s:

Tension Tamers is a professional massage studio. We do not offer ‘anything else or any extras’ under any circumstance. We serve the right to stop the session immediately and ask for a full price if we feel you are not respecting our the therapist or if indecent proposals are asked.


Gift vouchers and Tamer Cards:

The Gift vouchers and Tamer Card are not convertible to money and will be valid until one year after the purchase date. The Tamer Cards can be used by your partner, friends or family as well.


Material or immaterial damage:

Tension Tamers cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to you or your belongings prior, during or after the massage treatment.


Thank you for reading and accepting our house rules. We are looking forward to seeing you in our studio!


Warm regards,
Tension Tamers Massage Team